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    Orlak (DPS Warrior)


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    Post  Orlak on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:24 pm

    Orlak 60 Warrior.
    -Current Gear:
    well, since it is that long ago I go level 60 my gear is just terrible.


    MC only, but BWL should not take long to do.

    -Raiding Experience:
    I cannot say I have had much raiding experience on vanilla wow on retail, but Feenix server had once a 2.4.3 realm, and this is the progress we had.
    ZG: 10/10 bosses
    MC: 10/10 bosses
    OL: 1/1 bosses
    BWL: 3/9none
    None of the instances below were open yet.
    AQ 20: none
    AQ 40: none
    Naxx: none

    Just gonna bring abit of my TBC experience in aswell.

    All Bosses after the first one in Sunwell have I tried to kill.
    -Raiding time 19:00 server time:
    19.00 does sound fine, but I might happen that I have to go eat dinner around this time, but that does not take me long to finnish.

    -How often can you show up in raids during an normal week:
    It all depends on what the sittuation is, I sometime have to go to work 1 hour after the raid time (20:00) but that is rarely

    -Do you use Ventrilo:
    Yes, but it is not really working for me for some reason my, I just got a new (awesome) PC, and for some reason i get some program errors

    -Do you have an microphone:
    Yes, but I rarely speak, since I wanna leave that to the raid leaders.

    Regards Orlak, and mighty warrior in a bad armor.

    (P.S I do have Krol blade if that helps. Razz )

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    Post  Milkcow on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:05 am

    hey mate, we are full of dps warriors at the moment but i will consider you if a spot opens up.


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    Post  Orlak on Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:19 am

    Alright, sounds great.

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