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    Post  Rast on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:03 am

    -Character Name, Class(and spec if necessary):
    Rast, (the alt of Loktarg), Restospecced.

    -Current Gear:
    All blue. Not a single green/epic.


    MC / BWL

    -Raiding Experience:
    ZG: Clear!
    MC: Clear!
    OL: Clear!
    BWL: Clear!
    AQ 20: Clear!
    AQ 40: Clear!
    Naxx: Clear!

    -Raiding time 19:00 server time:
    Yes, I can participate at 19:00 server time.
    Tho, at rare times I might be late. (We're talking 1-10 mins)

    -How often can you show up in raids during an normal week:
    Physically, any day, but I would like to pretend I have a life, so Fridays and saturdays arent the best.

    -Do you use Ventrilo:

    -Do you have an microphone:

    I've played on feenix for a good year. The old 2.4.3 and the one before.
    I've also played in Forsaken, on my warlock, when they peaked.
    I have serverfirst on Domo and Vael, /flex.
    I have played with Nolf and Stormslacker, and I was told I should apply

    I'm a friendly danish metalhead and I love beer! You have yourselves a restoshaman if you should choose me tongue Wink

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