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    Character Name, Class(and spec if necessary):

    Renhyl, Warrior

    Current Gear:

    Furry gear:
    7% hit rate 17% crit chance (including items like Lionheart, Savage Gladiator chain) I got many items i keep switching around. Feel free to whisp me in game or inspect.

    Tank gear:
    +71 defense | 5k hp | 21% dodge | 14% block/parry. <-- This is with my dodge gear.
    I am armorsmither I can craft: Enchanted Thorium Set.


    MC / BWL

    Raiding Experience:

    ZG: 10/10 bosses
    MC: 10/10 bosses
    OL: 1/1 bosses
    BWL: none
    AQ 20: 8/8
    AQ 40: none
    Naxx: none

    Raiding time 19:00 server time:
    Yes, I can participate at 19:00 server time.

    How often can you show up in raids during an normal week:
    4 to maybe 5 times in an usual week.

    Do you use Ventrilo:

    Do you have an microphone:

    In addition I would like to quote my previos application. I hope it gives better few on my person, experience and skills.

    Answer IRL info: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Name: Damian

    Age: 21

    Sex: Male

    Country of residence: UK / London

    Occupation: Student (University of Greenwich - Web Technologies)

    computer specs: Q8200 @ 3.4 GHZ, 2GB DDR2 @960 mhz, Asus P5Q-E, asus top gtx260 896 MB.

    internet speed: 24 MB

    End-game mmorpg/High level rts/High level fps experience(were not interrested in knowing about your level 5 swordmaster from WAR:

    I play WoW since it came out.

    I started as Priest(Hebuka) on Defias Brotherhood (RP-PVP) EU, my choice of class was both the play style I prefer and the inspiration I found by watching Priest movie called "Dreams" by Drakonuss.
    Soon after I hit lvl 60 @ DB with my priest I watched Grim -pvp rogue movie, and I completely freaked out of what this class is capable of. All rogues where extremely annoying these days. So I rolled rogue.
    As soon as I hit level 50 @ DB with my rogue I got myself into raiding guild with my priest. After a month or so, I decided to migrate to Chrommagus EU, as many of my friends were starting to play there. Soon after a small Polish Nationality guild was formed there called Raiders of Apocalypse.

    With RoA we slowly started to progress with pve content of the game. After short 2 months we had enough people to progress MC. I remember on my 17th birthday I looted 4/8 T1 and Benediction all in one MC run. Don’t worry it was like Thursday, day after I had my birthday party going on and celebrating xD
    After that I got myself into hardcore PVP aiming for rank 14(old honor/rank system). I got to Champion then I stopped. Soon after TBC came out.

    With start of TBC I grabbed a whisper of Leading Chrommagus Horde side pve guild called Legends Reborn. I got recruited on as a Healer. Soon after I became 2nd Shadow Priest in teh guild. Soon after I started to own DPS meters as No.1 (5k MB crits xD). By the 4-5th week of TBC realise we had Grull down. I continued raiding with LR until MH. It took long time to down Kael (Before his imba nerf) but we made it. After that some S*** started to go on with guild. I bace unactive due to my College exams for period of 1 month, after I came back most of the guild members spread out to different server, stop playing etc. I enjoyed LR and it was the amazing hardcore pve guild I always wanted to be in. Sadly nothing lasts forever.

    Without decent guild I focused on some pvp and casual playing. Leveled up Warrior/Druid did few smaller raids with this chars. Then I quited WoW for 6 months until WotLK came out. There I started to play my rogue level it to 80 just to quit from WoW again.
    Other than RL, my reason for quitting was that I hate the blizz politics to always make you aim for something, that’s never-ending story. New items, New rank etc. I miss classic a lot and old PVP system. I also think that skill and the time you put into your character is more important in classic than tbc/worlk. Also 40 man raids is 10x more fun than 10/25.

    Thats a bit of my WoW story.
    Just to summerise my experience realted to class etc:

    I have WoW classic experience of ZG/MC/BWL (up to Vale) as Priest, Warrior, Rogue.

    I have WoW TBC experience of Karazahan, Grull Lair, SSC, Magtheridon’s Lair, TP:Eye, Zul’Aman as Priest, Warrior.

    Throut my playing I have been most active as Priest Haler, then Rogue, then Warrior tank.

    I am at least good playing any class any spec.

    I played a lot of games such as: Ultima Online, Lineage, Muonline, Tibia.

    I used to had my own MU and Lineage server.

    Answer In Game info: (Hebuka – Priest), (Karrak – Rogue), (Renhyl – Warrior), (Hetrox – Shaman), (Ionpropulsi – Hunter), (Druid – Swiety)

    Current and previous guilds (if any) and your reason for leaving:

    RoA – Classleaders didn’t like me. One day I went to pvp for my rank 11 instead of raiding MC with my guild. Classleaders removed me from the guild. I never got back to them as I didn’t care for them as they didn’t care for me. I am still good friend with Guild master and some over players of RoA. As far as I know RoA is currently best Horde side guild on Chrommagus EU.
    Legends Reborn – guild disbanded.

    link to spec(raid spec):
    I can raid anything as requests by guild. I am happy to respect if needed.

    As tank: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    As furry:
    With/without Piercing Howl
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    How do you prepare for raiding?
    Fellwood buff, carrots, pots, flasks. I try to always enchant my new gear as soon as possible. I tend to farm mats for specific enchant even before I have the item just so when it drops in raid I can ench it asap.

    Why do you like raiding? Please tell us why you want to defeat bosses like C'thun, Illidan, Kel'Thuzad and Arthas.

    I like game itself, I enjoy both tanking/dpsing. My main use to be healer and there lies my highest skill of all classes. I never had a chance to kill nefarian and above, I am here to enjoy the classic wow experience and have fun, if lucky enough kill nef and get legendary.
    I like challenge, I don’t give up easily on bosses. But I am not a mad man. I tend to use three times rule when wiping.

    Are you willing to put in the time to show up for 3 raids a week. Are you willing to put this in as your side project that might be going on for quite some
    time, and why would you?

    Yes. Guild is made of many people who are required to depend on eachothers. Guild also suffers chain reaction 39 people can be helpless in boss fight.

    Top 5 favourite songs:

    Nightwish – Wishmaster
    Lorenna McKennit – Stolen Child
    Nightwish – Elvenpath
    Apocalyptica feat Sandra Nasic- Path
    Moby - Porcelain
    Top 5 favourite movies:
    Pulp Fiction
    Black Sneak Moan
    World Fastest Indian
    Mr. Nobody
    The notebook

    Favourite book (one will do, even if it's just the Ikea catalogue):

    Trudi Canavan Trilogy – Age of Five
    Name 3 WoW related sites and discuss how they are useful tools for bettering your raiding ability:
    Wowhead – wow database, items, quest, dungeons, loot, professions etc
    Alakhazam – another wow database, item id’s, great community
    Warcraftmovies – great video website with players gameplay, you can learn a lot from watching over people play.

    Do you have a microphone?


    Can your computer run Ventrilo? (If the answer is “no”, stop here)


    Are you a keyboard turner? (If the answer is “yes”, stop here)

    No, I use mouse (Razer diamondback 1600dpi) Keyboard is used for strafing (Q3 fun here)

    What is your greatest weakness as a WoW player? What do you do to counteract this?

    Nothing major I can think of. I tend to like to do everything (pvp, pve )

    What is your greatest strength as a WoW player?

    I am well organized, I am great healer. I have good reaction timing v.hepluf on boss fights.

    If you could fight any historical character, who would it be and why?

    Nefarian <-

    Which of the 4 senses would you rather live without? (HINT HINT THINK)

    I would like to live with matter state. I like my senses. I don’t like limitations of human body.

    Does anyone in the guild know you and if we asked that person to rank you on a scale of 1 to 10, how high would he or she rate you?
    Don’t think anyone know me.

    Final thoughts? If there is anything you feel have been missed by the previous questions, or anything you want to tell us, this is the place to do so.
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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    An really good application, your experience is there without a doubt
    We hope you will show a friendly attitude towards everyone in the guild, you know how experience gets over people's heads Razz

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    awsone app :-D

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